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What are The Differences Between Computer Systems Technicians and Networking?

“Computer systems technician and networking” is a long title, so this page divides it into two parts to make it easier to grasp. The first section of this article will describe the duties of a computer systems technician, while the second section will describe the responsibilities of a computer networking technician.

The Relation Between Computer Technology and Information Technology

Some of you will go to college and are determined to get a seat in computer engineering. After all, computers are the future. However, you will see that there is a second option related to computers: information technology. Why does it differ from computer science, or more importantly, why are there two different branches related to computers? This question is answered in this article.

What are the definitions of computer technology and information technology?

Computer science or technology covers all the possible aspects of computers – the hardware, networking, and software parts. However, one big difference between computer technology and information technology is that computer science focuses mostly on the software part of computers. Therefore, apart from covering all major topics in the vast realm of computers, programming languages are given the most importance rather than hardware.

What is the relation between them?

We can classify information technology as a subcategory of computer technology. While information technology tells us everything about the hardware parts of the computer and touches on the networking or security parts, computer technology helps us design algorithms to solve the important problems humanity faces in this age and practically implement these algorithms. Thus we can say that computer technology is the parent of information technology.

This is all you need to know about how computer technology and information technology are related. If you are confused about which one, you need to remember that information technology deals with the hardware. In contrast, computer technology revolves around software mostly.

A computer systems technician’s work entails.

A computer systems technician is in charge of troubleshooting computer operating systems, hardware, and software issues. These issues mainly revolve around troubleshooting system performance issues and faults. This means that if your work laptop won’t start or your battery is dying too quickly, the computer systems professional can most likely assist you.

A computer networking technician’s job description

While some systems may assist you in restarting your computer after it has crashed, they do not cover the category of virus protection, which could be the source of the problem. A computer networking technician ensures that sensitive firm information is kept safe from prying eyes and that only authorized personnel can access it. A computer networking technician is in charge of the data protocols and firewalls, or security mechanisms that protect secret information from leaking out into the open.

Sum up all of the responsibilities of a computer systems technician and a computer networking specialist to get a complete picture of what a computer systems technician and networking technician do.

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